We Found The 13 Best Travel Gifts For Women To Please Your Always Wanderlusting BFF

We’ve all got that friend who lives to travel. You know the one: she practically lives out of a suitcase and is the person everyone in the group chat flocks to for restaurant recs, hotel intel, and travel deals. If there’s a buzzy destination, she has a Google spreadsheet for every out-of-the-way bar and boutique you have to visit while you’re there. With the upcoming festive season, you might wonder how on earth you can come up with a material gift for a person with a seemingly never-ending case of wanderlust. After all, when there’s nothing she wants more than an espresso on a Roman piazza or to bungee jump off the Grand Canyon, something that comes in wrapping paper kind of pales in comparison.
But this is where we swoop in to save the day. We’ve curated a selection of genius travel gifts for women so you can wow your hard-to-please, constantly jetsetting BFF, cousin, or partner. From smart packing solutions to travel accessories that are practically life-saving (or at least, save her smartphone battery from the verge of death), cruise right ahead for gift ideas that will make her next adventure that much smoother and sweeter.
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