‘Priceless’ moment Paris Hilton walks into Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix party and ‘no one’ is there

F that.

Paris Hilton appeared to be taken aback when she made her entrance at a Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix party —only to find that the room was far from filled.

Hilton, 42, arrived for a DJ set at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas last Friday night when she looked around at a half-empty dance floor, according to video posted by the Instagram account @real.vegas.locals.

“The priceless moment when Paris Hilton realizes there’s no one there at the F1 after party 😂😂😂,” the video was captioned.

The “Cooking with Paris” star — dressed in a custom bedazzled racing jumpsuit — was seen lifting her sunglasses to scan the half-empty tables of fans cheering as another DJ announced her upcoming set.

Paris Hilton appeared taken aback when she entered a
not-so-crowded Formula 1 party in Las Vegas.
Hilton lifted her glasses and looked confused as she scanned the room.

Netizens flocked to the comments section of the video to weigh in on Hilton’s not-so-grand entrance at the fête.

“The panic set in the moment she lifted those sunglasses,” one person commented on the post.

“‘My agent is so fired,’” another joked of what she may have been thinking, with another adding, “Ouch!!!!! All of op’s, Host’s and marketing are fired!!!!!!”

“Security holding back a whole lot of no ones…,” a third razzed.

Hilton was performing a set at the Virgin Hotel Las Vegas on Friday night.

“She came in late and was still early 😂😂😂,” a fourth joked.

“She pulled up to bingo night like wtf 😬,” someone wrote, referring to the older-age groups seen in the video.

“She looks so gorgeous sadly no one is there 😢,” a fan sympathized.

“She still gonna get paid 🤷🏾‍♀️,” someone noted.

Fans trolled the “This is Paris” star over her hilarious reaction.
Hilton shared her own photos of the evening in which the dance floor was packed with fans.
Getty Images for Hilton

Others, however, explained that the short clip just captured one angle of the party and the room was actually filled with fans.

“We see people there… Where the rest of the video,” one netizen asked.

“There are other videos showing it packed out,” someone agreed.

Indeed, Hilton shared her own photos from the evening in which she was flocked by a massive crowd of partygoers as she spun tunes in the DJ booth.

She was dressed in theme in a sparkling racing jumpsuit.
Getty Images for Hilton
“Had a blast DJing,” Hilton wrote on Instagram after the party.

“Had a blast DJing for the @Hilton X @McLaren Stay on the Grid Experience at the @F1 #LVGP! 💙🏎️👱🏼‍♀️🔥#HiltonForTheStay #ParisForTheSlay,” she captioned the series of Instagram snaps Sunday.

The photos captured hoards of fans dancing and filming her set on their phones as she brought the house down.

“looked like such a sick set 😍,” one of her fans commented on her post, with another adding that it was a  “superstar moment.”

She was seen on the tracks at the Grand Prix on Sunday.
AFP via Getty Images
The “Simple Life” alum has attended several F1 events in the past.
AFP via Getty Images

The “Simple Life” alum hasn’t had the best luck DJing for the Formula 1 crowd. Page Six exclusively reported in 2021 that she experienced technical difficulties while DJing for a private party at the Hilton Bentley Miami/South Beach.

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“Partygoers were tearing up the dance floor when the music suddenly cut out,” an eyewitness told Page Six at the time.

Hilton shares son Phoenix with her husband, Carter Reum.
Paris Hilton / Instagram

Fortunately, her husband, Carter Reum, took to the stage to amp up the crowd while the issue was resolved and Hilton was back in the DJ booth after a brief break.

“Paris kept her cool and stepped away from the booth, and Carter took the mic to fill the silence,” the source said, with another partygoer adding, “Paris had amazing energy and handled the situation like a champ.”

Hilton and Reum, 42, got married in November 2021 and welcomed their first child, a son named Phoenix, via surrogate this past January.

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