Fans think Christina Aguilera looks unrecognizable in new TikTok video: ‘That’s Christina Kardashian’

This gives a new meaning to “Not Myself Tonight.”

Hundreds of fans commented that Christina Aguilera looks unrecognizable in her latest TikTok video.

The “Genie in a Bottle” singer posted a three-minute “What’s in My Bag” ad Thursday in which she sat on a couch while wearing an all-black ensemble and a chunky silver necklace.

She appeared to have a full face of glam, complete with a glittery smokey eye and dark red nails.

However, it didn’t take long for her followers to show more interest in her looks than the products in the video, which has amassed more than 1.5 million views.

“no way thats Christina Aguilera😲,” one fan commented.

“Someone is pretending to be Christina Aguilera 😳,” someone else wrote.

Fans called out Christina Aguilera for looking unrecognizable in a new TikTok video. christina_aguilera/Tiktok
The “Beautiful” singer recorded herself taking out items in her bag. christina_aguilera/Tiktok

“This is NOT Christina Aguilera!” another user added.

“Wait, What? Is that woman Christina Aguilera? 😱,” someone else asked.

“That is 100% not Christina Aguilera I have no idea who that is??” another wondered.

Fans were more interested in her looks than products. christina_aguilera/Tiktok

“Who is this woman and what the hell did they do with Christina Aguilera? 😳,” one person agreed.

“that’s Christina Kardashian,” another joked.

In addition to several Kim Kardashian comparisons, people thought Aguilera resembled internet personality Tana Mongeau, Lindsay Lohan and Madonna.

“Who is this woman and what the hell did they do with Christina Aguilera?” one person asked. christina_aguilera/Tiktok

Some eagle-eyed fans even noticed that Xtina’s signature icy blue eyes appeared to be brown.

“Who is THAT! 🤣 That is not xtina, she has blue eyes not brown! And the whole thing looks like clone but ok 🤣,” one confused fan wrote.

“doesn’t she have blue eyes????” another asked.

Many people also wondered why her eyes appeared to be brown and not blue. xtina/Instagram

Others were convinced that the entire video “looked like AI.”

“This has gotta be AI Xtina,” one TikToker commented.

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However, many of Aguilera’s longtime fans rushed to defend her appearance, arguing that the 42-year-old looks like her younger self again and is “aging backwards.”

“Omg she looks like early 2000’s Xtina!!!! She looks amazing!!!” one of her “Fighters” gushed.

Other fans praised how “amazing” Xtina looks. xtina/Instagram

“She sounds and looks like she did when she first came out. I don’t understand why people say this is not her. True fans know,” another user clapped back.

“If you are OG Christina fan you know this is her. She looks like she traveled back in time,” one more agreed.

Aguilera did not respond to any of the comments, nor did her rep return Page Six’s request for comment.

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