Drop The Bag! Boosie Makes $200K Request Of Rod Wave To Settle Sampling Dispute (Video)

Rapper Boosie is asking fellow artist Rod Wave to drop a major bag for them to settle their musical differences.

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Here’s What Prompted Boosie’s Feud With Rod Wave

On November 19, Boosie took to Instagram Live. During his stream, a fan reportedly brought up Rod Wave’s song, ‘Long Journey,’ per HipHopDX. The outlet reports that the Wave’s single incorporates a hook from Boosie’s song of the same title.

The 41-year-old responded by explaining that he plans to take legal action against Rod Wave and other artists who have sampled his music without giving him the proper credit or payout.

“Rod Wave ain’t the only one,” Boosie told fans. “S**t, y’all better do y’all research… I done got paperwork on the way — a lot of people bruh, it ain’t just Rod Wave. And it’s crazy ’cause all of them named it the same song.”

Additionally, the rapper explained that he “isn’t mad” at the artists and actually loves it when they sample his music. However, the ‘Wipe Me Down’ rapper explained that he needs to be compensated.

“I love when they do that s**t. They be giving me my flowers… It’s just, you gotta compensate me too. It’s a business — just like you do everybody else,” Boosie explained. “They supposed to reach out and be like, ‘Man, we need to give you your writer’s share, your publishing on this record we finna put out’”

Watch Boosie’s sentiments below then swipe left to hear snippets of the rapper’s and Rod Wave’s similar singles.

Rod Wave Responds

The following day, Rod Wave took to his Instagram Story to respond to Boosie. The 25-year-old seemed to explain that he would compensate the rapper with any monetary amount he felt he was owed.

“On my momma, Boosie big bra I fw ya tell me a real number Yeen even gotta do all dat tell me a number ima pull and bring it to you!!” Rod Wave wrote.

The artist then shared a video where he reiterated his stance.

“Man, you ain’t gotta sue no n***a like me, man. I’ma pull up and make sure you straight,” Boosie told the camera.

The next day, Rod Wave returned to his Instagram Story to share audio clips of Boosie’s song ‘2 Way Love Affair‘ alongside Carl Sims’ ‘I’m Trapped.’ Additionally, Wave explained that “this rap s**t” is art and the public doesn’t get it.

Peep his posts and the audio snippets below.

Boosie Requests $200,000 & More From Rod Wave

Earlier this week, Boosie took to Instagram Live to publicly detail his request for Rod Wave. The 41-year-old rapper explained to viewers that he requested Rod Wave pay him $200,000 and 25% percent of royalties from Wave’s ‘Long Journey’ single “going forward.”

“And I’m not ‘gon sue you or nothing,” Boosie said. “Cause you already made money off my [song] — and you done made people choose sides in the industry. You done affected me in that way also.”

Boosie alleged that when he privately presented his request to Wave, the artist allegedly asked if he could only pay him $125,000.

Watch Boosie share his recollection of their conversation below.

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