Alyssa Milano talks jewelry, activism and ‘80s fashion regrets

Alyssa Milano is getting “Charmed” for a cause.

The star made her jewelry design debut this month, partnering with Awe Inspired on “One Year Out” — a charm necklace capsule she tells Page Six Style signifies “all that is at stake in the 2024 election.”

“Fashion is an important form of storytelling … [which is] the most critical part of activism,” says the star, who first discovered the brand when she received the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Pendant ($215) following Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court appointment.

Over five years later, she “jumped at the opportunity” to collaborate on a fresh duo of designs: the Suffragette Bluebird Amulet ($180), which supports GirlUp, and the Pro Roe Dog Tag ($145), which benefits Planned Parenthood.

Alyssa Milano
“Without a doubt, I feel most empowered when I am using my platform to lift up the important work of others,” says Milano.
Awe Inspired

Pro Roe Dog Tag

Suffragette Bluebird Amulet

“I’d argue that storytelling, whether through art, fashion, music, writing or personal narratives, is the only thing that really moves us forward,” says Milano.

And while she’s new to designing bling, it’s not her first time fusing fashion and activism; the “Charmed” actress — a longtime UNICEF ambassador and a leader of the #MeToo movementhas always loved a political slogan tee and tells us she feels most empowered when “empowering others.”

“The fashion industry has so much power,” she adds. “It influences almost every aspect of our lives … It’s imperative that the industry uses that power responsibly, to move us forward rather than hold us back.”

Alyssa Milano
Milano pairs the bling with both casual and glammed-up looks.
Awe Inspired

Part of making outfits count? “You can’t go wrong when you’re wearing a statement,” says Milano, who recently dressed up her Awe Inspired designs while being honored by the Alice Paul Institute.

And while she tells us she plans to gift the same gems to her friends, she’s far from Awe Inspired’s only famous fan; Meghan Markle owns the Woman Power Necklace ($100), while Taylor Swift once wore the Le Duo Tablet ($145).

But though taking a stand with one’s style will always be in fashion, Milano points out that she “was pretty famous in the 1980s,” a decade not exactly known for trends that have stood the test of time.

Alussa Milano
“I discovered that [Awe Inspired] was founded by three-time cancer survivor Jill Johnson and her son Max to make meaningful gifts and tokens of strength,” Milano says of the company.
Awe Inspired

Alyssa Milano in 1989
Milano (pictured in 1989) rose to fame at a young age.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

“I look back now and say, ‘What were we all thinking?’ when I see some of those outfits and that hair. But I certainly don’t regret them,” she says.

“Fashion is always evolving. Good fashion speaks to its time, and changes as the times change. Great fashion changes the time.”

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