Won Hundred to Unveil Jubilee “Surrender” Collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen-based label Won Hundred is returning to Copenhagen Fashion Week with a runway-jubilee collection titled “Surrender” — and it’s set to be unveiled during the forthcoming Fall/Winter 2024 edition.

As a whole, the collection celebrates two decades of knowledge and inspiration since the brand’s inception in 2004. With this in mind, the 20-year jubilee collection signifies a transition from Won Hundred’s denim roots and heritage into minimalist design with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship.

Commenting on the release of the new collection, Won Hunderd’s founder and creative director, Nikolaj Nielsen — who has more than two decades of expertise in garment design — said: “In recent years, we’ve taken time to understand the essence of Won Hundred and what we truly represent. A few years back, we decided the timing was right to infuse new energy into the brand. We have elevated our approach across all touchpoints.

“It always starts with the product – but understanding the universe around it is equally important. We decided to elevate the entire range of Won Hundred, taking a more design-driven approach towards our ready-to-wear collections.”

Additionally, Nielsen’s new collection unveils a slew of denim-centric designs that embody the Won Hundred’s brand identity, while also paying testament to the imprint’s dedication to quality. The pieces also reflect the brand’s storied past, but also signal its exciting future direction, balancing classic influences with contemporary flair.

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