Songs We Love But Can’t Understand!

We have a feeling this is gonna turn into a series!

Ever find out the words to a song a realize you’ve been singing it wrong for years?! Happens to us all the time. Well now there’s a reason – these songs are in other languages – mostly.

We kick it off with the killer Die Antwoord song almost entirely in Sabela – GTS (Google That Shit!) we had to! Punjabi MC kills with this legendary Indian Bhangara. We just love France Gall singing “Laisse Tomber les Filles” . Hopefully she isn’t singing about anything F#$@ed up…ya know…cuz she’s French… What commercial uses this song? Comment Below please, it’s killing us! Pardon Your French, DJ Snake! Magenta Riddim closes us out with a bang! We have no idea WTF anyone is saying but we love it! Hit us up in the comments with your “Favorite Songs We Can’t Understand” and the 5 with the most likes get added to a unique playlist!

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