Shop the buzziest celebrity memoirs of 2023 this holiday season

2023 is nearly in the books.

And as we prepare to turn the page on another year, one thing’s for sure: it’s been a great 12 months for celebrity memoirs.

From Prince Harry’s “Spare” ($19) in January to Britney Spears’ long-awaited “The Woman in Me” ($21) in October — and the countless high-profile page-turners in between — plenty of tell-all novels have given us new glimpses into stars’ lives this year.

Whether you’re planning to wrap one up as a gift or simply find your next read, keep scrolling for a selection of celebrities’ buzziest books from 2023 — many of which are majorly marked down ahead of Black Friday.

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Britney Spears The Woman In Me

Britney Spears, who first spoke in detail about her controversial conservatorship in 2021, delves deeper into her story with an unfiltered memoir that already has stars like Brad Pitt and Reese Witherspoon gunning to produce a screen adaptation, as Page Six confirmed.

“Spears lets it all out, painting a portrait of a tortured but triumphant figure who is still finding her footing in a world she once dominated,” Page Six deputy editor Nicholas Hautman writes in his review of the novel, which hit shelves in late October.

Prince Harry's Spare memoir

Prince Harry’s memoir kicked off this year’s celebrity book releases off with a bang, sparking a slew of headlines thanks to never-before-shared stories of royal family memories, moments with Meghan Markle and more.

Down the Drain by Julia Fox

Julia Fox’s “masterpiece” is finally out. The “Uncut Gems” star tells her story in a candid memoir touching on topics ranging from motherhood to addiction to her high-profile relationships

“My hope now would be that someone reads it and thinks: ‘She went through this and look at her now. I can get over anything,’” Fox told the New York Times.


From bombshell admissions about her relationship with Will Smith to tales of their kids, Jaden and Willow, Jada Pinkett Smith chronicles her life in detail in her award-winning memoir.


While Kerry Washington was reportedly writing a different book after her long run on “Scandal” came to a close, she ended up shifting her plans after finding out she was conceived through a sperm donor.

The resultant memoir dives into both her public and personal life, from family secrets to struggles.

“I have been so private. I’ve built a career out of playing other people, and talking about myself this much is very weird,” she quipped in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.


The Oscar-nominated “Juno” star, who came out as transgender in 2020, details his journey in this page-turner released in June. He told People that sharing his truth with the world felt “a way that I never thought I would get to feel.”

“I think we talk about “trans joy” and euphoria,” the star added to the outlet. “So much of it is in the stillness. To have my shoulders back. I just was always kind of shut off, anxious. I used to never feel like my skin was my own.”


Among the most recent celebrity book releases? Barbra Streisand’s memoir, which hit shelves this month and features frank stories about the EGOT winner’s storied career, childhood in Brooklyn, friendships with fellow stars and more.


Paris Hilton’s memoir? Now that’s hot (off the presses). The entrepreneur and DJ shares her story of growing up in the spotlight and coming of age in what she calls “the most turbulent pop culture period ever.”


Pamela Anderson forgoes the standard celebrity memoir format in her headline-making book, instead alternating between prosaic storytelling and poetry to detail her life and career.


From his childhood in Yorkshire, England to his iconic roles in “Star Trek” and “X-Men,” Patrick Stewart tells the story of his on- and off-screen lives.

Minka Kelly's

Minka Kelly opens up about her upbringing and rise to fame in her debut novel, touching on everything from her relationship with her late mother, who worked as an exotic dancer, to her roles on “Friday Night Lights” and “Euphoria.”

“To hear other women share that they struggle in the same way as a result of a very similar upbringing, you go ‘Okay, well, then I’m excited, because I can see that I have something to work on. I can stop thinking that the whole world is against me,” she told Harper’s Bazaar of the book, which she said she’s been planning to write since high school. “I’m just paying it forward.”


In his memoir — which opens with his audition for “Happy Days” — Harry Winkler tells the story of his extensive Hollywood career, from his iconic role on the show and beyond.

“For a long time after ‘Happy Days,’ I was saddened that the world could only see me as the Fonz,” he wrote, per AP. “But I never lost sight of what the character gave me — a roof over my head, food on the table, my children’s education — and how much it gave me in terms of introducing me to the whole world.”


Chita Rivera — perhaps best known for her role as Anita in “West Side Story” — takes readers behind the Broadway stage with stories of her iconic roles, upbringing and time on set with fellow stars.

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