Mauricio Umansky: People asking about my marriage issues with Kyle Richards can ‘f—k off’

No Mo questions.

Mauricio Umansky had a special message for the people constantly asking about his marital woes with Kyle Richards.

While appearing on Thursday’s episode of the “Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast,” Umansky went on a tangent when asked how he was able to juggle his professional obligations amid the attention on his crumbling marriage.

“When I know what I’m doing with my marriage, I will let you guys all know. Until then, everybody can take a hike and f–k off, pardon my language,” the real estate agent expressed.

Umansky explained that because he and Richards are “separated,” they’re “giving each other time to allow things to happen,” so their relationship does “not change every single minute in every single day.”

“I get calls, and I get stopped, and I get this, and I’m like ‘Guys, like, it’s just not happening that fast,’” he said.

The Agency co-founder added that, although he understands he and his wife are public figures because of her longtime residency on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” he still finds the attention a “bit annoying.”

Umansky claimed that his and Richards’ relationship does “not change every single minute in every single day.”
Casey Durkin/Bravo
He went on to call the speculation “annoying.”

“I don’t need to read the speculation and the BS that’s out there, that’s speculative,” he shared.

Umansky, 53, also claimed that he keeps out the “noise” by not watching the new season of the “RHOBH” and by not having Google alerts for himself or Richards, 54.

Can’t get enough ‘Real Housewives?’

“The people that watch that show are all opinionated, and they just don’t realize that there are two humans on the other side of that opinion, and that’s really difficult,” he admitted.

He added that he’s also not watching because the show is “dramatizing everything” and there are scenes he does “not even wanna see.”

The realtor decided to not watch the new season of the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” as it features their marital issues.
The couple of 27 years confirmed their separation in September.
GC Images

“Everyone wants to know what’s going on with my marriage, like, I do too, you know, we’re normal people. We’re normal human beings going through a struggle, we’re going through issues like everybody else does,” he said. “There’s no playbook for how to deal with it. We’re humans, and it doesn’t change on a daily basis.”

Richards and Umansky each confirmed their separation after 27 years of marriage in September, and since then, their marital woes have been playing out on “RHOBH.”

Richards also appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” last month where she revealed she was the person to initiate the separation and they still live together but sleep in separate bedrooms.

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