Late Taiga Takahashi’s “Between Time & Space” Exhibition Is Opening in Seoul

Next month, the late designer and artist Taiga Takahashi will be receiving an exhibition in Seoul, South Korea. Titled “Between Time & Space,” the exhibition serves as the posthumous first exhibition for Takahashi in Seoul and provides a multifaceted introduction to the philosophy of the creative.

In 2017, Taiga Takahashi graduated from Central Saint Martins (UAL) 2017 and established his eponymous label T.T in New York. A unisex brand based in New York and Kyoto, T.T’s concept is ‘resurrecting relics of the past to unearth artifacts of the future’.

In his teenage years, Taiga Takahashi collected thousands of vintage pieces, especially American and European garments from the 1920s to 1950s that predate mass production. A release notes, “convinced that the true value of craftsmanship already exists in history, he researched fabrics, sewing techniques and details of garments that survived the test of time from an archaeological perspective and reinterpreted them for the contemporary age. T.T’s timeless garments serve as time capsules, created to last for the next 100 years and using time-tested traditional Japanese weaving, dying, and sewing techniques and natural materials.”

Divided into two spaces, “Between Time & Space” covers Takahashi’s outlook on fashion, craftsmanship, art, music, and tea ceremony. The first section offers a glimpse into Takahashi’s creative process through T.T’s iconic pieces displayed alongside Takahashi’s own collection of vintage garments and various antique objects. Items include a robe of a Buddha statue found in a 700-year-old temple, fragments of old wooden architecture, portraits from 1920s America, and fabric samples used by tailors at the time.

The second space focuses on a traditional Japanese tearoom, inspired by Takahashi’s interest in traditional Japanese aesthetics, the origin of which can be found in chanoyu (tea ceremony). A tea ceremony performance held by ceremony master Eriko Mikubo will be held alongside the display of photographs of sculptures based on the concept of “endless time” that Takahashi created in collaboration with Masatoshi Izumi, a sculptor and long-time associate of artist Isamu Noguchi.

Accompanying music in the space is exclusively composed by Tomoko Sauvage, a musician and sound artist best known for her experimentation with instruments combining water, ceramics, sub-aquatic amplification, and electronics. While the multisensory focus of the exhibition is continued through traditional Japanese matcha, sweets, and take-home gift packages for guests.

Taiga Takahashi’s “Between Time & Space” exhibition will be open at cociety in Seoul, South Korea December 1-3, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. KST (December 1 invitation-only).

Taiga Takahashi “Between Time & Space”
82-20 Wangsimni-ro,
Seongdong-gu, Seoul,
South Korea

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