Kate Moss and lookalike model daughter Lila twin in white outfits on the cover of British Vogue

Like mother, like daughter.

Kate Moss and her 21-year-old daughter, Lila Moss, star on one of six special covers for the December 2023 issue of British Vogue, with the lookalike mother/daughter modeling duo sporting winter white outfits for the chic shoot.

The nineties icon, 49, posed with her only child in matching fuzzy white sweaters from 16Arlington ($490) along with gray felt hats from British milliner Noel Stewart in the photo, which was shot by photographer Tim Walker.

Although her mom is one of the world’s most famous models, Lila revealed in the magazine’s accompanying cover story that she was left to her own devices when it came to figuring out certain aspects of the catwalk.

“I don’t know that my mum expected me to go into fashion, really – I’m quite shy, like her – but she’s fully supported every decision I’ve made,” the up-and-coming model said.

“She hasn’t helped me with my walk, though,” Lila revealed. “She’s like, ‘You just have to feel it. I don’t know what I do. I just do it!’ I’m like, ‘Cool – off to practice some more, then…’”

Kate and Lila Moss covered British Vogue’s “Great Britain: Tradition & Revolution” issue in matching white sweaters.
British Vogue
Kate and Lila looked peachy on the Met Gala 2023 red carpet.
Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue
Lila bears a striking resemblance to her model mom.
Dave Benett/Getty Images for FENDI

Kate, who gave birth to Lila when she was 28, told Vogue that their dynamic started to shift once her daughter entered her twenties.

“Now that she’s 21, Lila’s the one setting rules for me: wear spf 50; quit smoking… Although she did give me this cigarette case as a gift recently that I just love,” the supermodel admitted.

The formerly hard-partying Cosmoss wellness brand founder — who recently told The Sunday Times she smokes “occasionally” — shared that her daughter is taking a different approach to “establishing her career as a model.”

“My mum’s always been the sort of person who’s up for anything – still is,” Lila told Vogue.
“She’s flown the nest now, and got her own place in downtown New York, but she’s still so young in my mind,” Kate said of her grown-up daughter.
GC Images

“Lila is so much more grown-up than I was in my 20s,” the catwalk star told Vogue, adding that “things will be different for her.”

“She understands she can say no, for one thing, which I never did, and she has the right people around her – I’ve made sure of that,” Kate said. “And let’s face it, she’s a lot more sensible than I was back then. I mean… thank God. Ha!”

While they might take a different approach to life and modeling, the British beauty — who coordinated with her daughter in pale pink on the Met Gala 2023 red carpet — said Lila has inherited her love of style.

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The duo posed together during Paris Fashion Week in June 2019.
Getty Images
“She always kept her work life separate from our home life,” Lila told Vogue of her mom.

“She’s definitely got my magpie gene, which is great when we’re shopping together at Saint Laurent or Lovers Lane, and less great when she’s squirreling through my closets for vintage Galliano or Westwood to steal,” she shared, adding, “I think she might have pinched my boots today, you know…”

Although she might steal her mom’s style today — including her skinny jeans — Lila admitted that she didn’t realize her mom “might actually be pretty cool” until she was “like, 15 or 16.”

“When I started school, I began to realize how fascinated people were by ‘Kate Moss, the supermodel,’ but to me, she was still just the person who wouldn’t let me use my phone at the dinner table and made me come home from parties in Notting Hill earlier than any of my friends,” she shared.

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