Jackie Goldschneider demands Sharon Osbourne ‘stop taking’ Ozempic as weight loss continues: ‘Addicted to being thin’

Jackie Goldschneider suggested that Sharon Osbourne should stop using Ozempic after the former talk show host admitted she dropped “under 100 pounds” from using it.

“She needs to stop taking it. It’s so easy to get addicted to being thin. It’s scary to stop,” Goldschneider commented under Page Six’s Instagram post of Osbourne’s confession on Friday.

The “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star, who has battled an eating disorder for most of her life, has not been shy in calling out the diabetes-turned-weight loss drug and even referred to it as an “eating disorder.”

Even Osbourne fessed up to being “addicted” to constantly shedding pounds since she began using Ozempic in December 2022.

“You can lose so much weight, and it’s easy to become addicted to that, which is very dangerous. I couldn’t stop losing weight, and now I’ve lost 42 pounds and I can’t afford to lose any more,” she told the Daily Mail in an interview published Friday.

Jackie Goldschneider told Sharon Osbourne to “stop taking” Ozempic amid her weight loss journey.
“It’s so easy to get addicted to being thin,” the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” wrote under Page Six’s Instagram post.
Osbourne said she’s not trying to lose any more weight after being “under 100 pounds.”
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The “Osbournes” alum, 71, admitted that she’s actually gotten “too skinny” and can’t afford to keep losing the weight even though she’s been “off it for a while now.”

“I’m too gaunt, and I can’t put any weight on. I want to because I feel I’m too skinny. I’m under 100 pounds, and I don’t want to be,” she continued. “Be careful what you wish for.”

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Osbourne has yet to address Goldschneider’s comment, but she said in the same interview that she does “not care what people say about the way I look.”

Osbourne told E! News in September that she wanted to keep her weight at “about 105,” because she wants to still “have a healthy balance.”

The former “Talk” host claimed she started taking Ozempic in December 2022 but has been “off it for a while.”
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“I’m too gaunt, and I can’t put any weight on. I want to because I feel I’m too skinny,” Osbourne admitted to the Daily Mail.

The former “Talk” host claimed she was once 230 pounds at her heaviest and has turned to several other methods for losing weight over the years.

In 1999, Osbourne underwent gastric band surgery and a sleeve gastrectomy, because she struggled with an eating disorder her “entire life.”

“It’s a mental thing,” she said in the same E! interview. “Sometimes, I would eat to punish myself and then I wouldn’t eat to show that I had control of my life. I tried exercising, but I’m too lazy for that.”

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