How CBS 2 News anchor Chris Wragge lost 30 pounds, and maintains weight during holidays

News anchor Chris Wragge tells Page Six that when you make your living on camera, the holidays are fraught with peril.

“Oh God, yes,” he said at the Samuel Waxman gala for cancer research, “[During] holidays [it’s] much harder to maintain a standard weight.”

The CBS2 “News This Morning” co-anchor added that “moderation is key,” so he feels that if he’s “done a pretty good job in the three months leading up to Thanksgiving” then, he could “let myself go” on Turkey Day.

“I’m not sitting back saying. ‘Oh I’m not going to have pumpkin pie,’ or anything like that — but I just make sure I take care of myself during the year now,” the anchor said at the bash at Cipriani.

Wragge added, “I can keep my weight within five pounds, plus and minus. If I need to lose a couple, I can green juice for three days and I will be fine.”

The CBS News anchor says the camera really does add 10 pounds. CBS
The 53-year-old says he wants to stay healthy for his family. chriswragge/Instagram

The newsman told us that the old adage that the camera adds 10 pounds is actually true.

“My wife’s a nutritionist and I just stuck to a meal plan last year,” he told us. “I lost 30 pounds. I feel so much better and I eat so much better because a lot of bad foods are what’s going to kill us. That causes a lot of cancers.”

The father of two says that moderation is key. Patrick McMullan via Getty Image

He said he has young children, “so I’ve got to be careful.”

“That’s why I want to stick around. So I’ll eat healthy. I’ll do all the things I need to do. I work out but I don’t want to lose the enjoyment of food,” he said.

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