Fans question Adriana Lima’s new look on ‘Hunger Games’ red carpet: ‘What did she do?’

Adriana Lima is sporting a new look — and fans have lots of questions.

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel, 42, stepped out for the Los Angeles premiere of “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” on Tuesday and walked the red carpet wearing a black, long-sleeved skater dress with red accents.

Though the brunette beauty stunned as she posed for photographers, internet users couldn’t help but notice changes to her face.

“I would have had no idea that was the same person,” one person remarked, which was followed by, “What did she do?”

Many speculated that the Brazilian model might be “still swollen” following a potential “facelift,” but others highlighted that “there’s clear swelling in certain areas compared to others.”

“I would have had no idea that was the same person,” one person remarked.
Fans are questioning whether the former Victoria’s Secret Angel did something to her face.
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“Damn the spo[c]k brows takes another one,” someone else hypothesized, referring to a common side effect of Botox treatments that’s characterized by a pronounced outward arching of the eyebrows.

Another observer alleged, “not just fox eyes but a new nosejob [sic].”

A few argued that makeup could be the cause, writing things like, “you would be surprised what a difference it can make depending on how it’s applied.”

There were also lots of folks who wondered whether Lima was pregnant. It’s worth noting that she gave birth to her third child, a son named Cyan, in August 2022.

Several pointed out an apparent “fox eye” and “smaller nose.” This was Lima in September.
Getty Images
She gave birth to her third child in August 2022.

“Regarding the pregnancy comments.. she had a baby in 2022,” one netizen said, going on to point out that many of the runway vixen’s facial changes appear to be recent. “you can also see some of these photos are 1-2 months apart so this is unrelated to her 2022 pregnancy.”

Even if she is expecting, a few noted that “pregnancy doesn’t give you a fox eye” or “smaller nose.” It can, however, cause one’s lips to swell.

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Amid the frenzy, several fans were quick to condemn the commentary, with some arguing that weight gain could be a contributing factor.

“She gained weight thats it. Still 100 times hotter than any of us,” one person wrote, as another added, “People in these comments forgot how bodies work holy s–t.”

A few argued that makeup could be the cause. The Brazilian model is pictured here in May.
Getty Images
Many speculated that Lima, seen here in May 2019, might be “still swollen” from potential procedures.
Getty Images for amfAR
The brunette beauty is pictured here walking the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2013.
Getty Images for Victoria’s Secr

“She’s human. She’s a mother. We evolve and so do our bodies,” someone else remarked, which was followed by, “This woman did her time starving to look good for you. Let her evolve out of that without judgement.”

“People age,” another comment read, “even celebrities.”

A handful of defenders went on to call all the chatter “so cruel” and reminded others that it’s possible Lima is experiencing an “underlying health condition that we know nothing about.”

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