Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s Crazy Daizy Jewelry Puts Outfits In Bloom

Scottish designer Charles Jeffrey always knows how to make us smile. From clawing Moccasin Moggies to immersive NYC tours on LOVERBOY.FM, his label — Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY — is at the top of its game. As the brand expands its horizons, Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is stepping into jewelry with a vibrant Crazy Daizy range that delivers floral renditions of decorative accessories.

Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s Crazy Daizy jewelry is sure to turn heads, supplying fans with expressive characters and pearl embellishments. Jeffrey has designed a “mother of pearl” face that turns flowers happy, sad, and surprised. Their glass-like petals arrive in red, green, and purple hues, completing oversized necklaces, earrings, rings, and hair clips. The items can add excitement to any outfit, allowing you to express your mood no matter the occasion.

Take a closer look at Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY’s Crazy Daizy jewelry collection in the gallery above. It is available to shop now via the brand’s website.

Click here to view full gallery at Hypebeast

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