Caroline Stanbury reveals results of ‘petrifying’ facelift after husband Sergio Carrallo sobs over procedure

Caroline Stanbury is thankful for her new face.

The “Real Housewives of Dubai” star revealed her refreshed look two weeks after undergoing a “petrifying” facelift.

Stanbury posted photos to Instagram Friday of herself celebrating Thanksgiving with her husband, Sergio Carrallo, who previously made headlines for sobbing after seeing the results of her procedure.

“NEW FACE, NEW ME ♥️ #happythanksgivng [sic] Thankful for a lot of things in my life!” she captioned the post.

The “Ladies of London” alum, 47, noted that the snaps, which showed her smiling in a black turtleneck and leather pants, were taken on her 14th day of recovery.

The reality TV star described the experience as “petrifying.”
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram
“I looked like I’d been in a car crash, and the car definitely didn’t win,” Stanbury said.
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram

She also shared a video of her and Carrallo, 29, kissing alongside the caption, “Let them talk 😉 #facelift.”

Stanbury traveled from London to Los Angeles to undergo the procedure — admittedly “with no information whatsoever.”

The Bravolebrity and Carrallo, who wed in December 2021, spoke candidly about the process during an episode of her podcast, “Uncut and Uncensored,” last week.

Sergio Carrallo broke down in tears when he saw his wife.
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram
The couple were all smiles in the snaps taken on her 14th day of recovery.
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram

“I skipped into that surgery like I was having a mole removed,” she said.

“This is LA. So, unlike other places where you’re sort of taken to hospital and feel like you’re having a medical experience, here you’re taken to a back room of an office just as if you’re having a filler. They put you to sleep and remove your face.”

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Stanbury, who kept her face concealed under the hood of her sweater and oversize shades, continued, “I looked like I’d been in a car crash, and the car definitely didn’t win.”

Stanbury admitted she didn’t do any research before going under the knife.
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram

“[The doctor] managed to cut off three inches on my neck and then the full width of my ear from my face. The shape of my face is completely wrong for a human; the top half is wider than the bottom half, and my neck is too thick. I have stitches at the front and back of my ear and on my eyelids.”

The socialite — who shares daughter Yasmine, 17, and twin sons Zac and Aaron, 13, with ex-husband Cem Habib — said she contemplating suing her surgeon.

“There is no sign of my face in that face, which is petrifying,” she confessed.

She wed her husband, who is 18 years her junior, in 2021.
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram

“I wanted to sue my doctor because when you slightly look at your face, everything is in the wrong place.”

Carrallo, who is 18 years Stanbury’s junior, broke down in tears when he saw her for the first time post-op.

The former soccer player was overcome with emotion in his Instagram video as his eyes welled up.

Carrallo said Stanbury’s surgery was “the worst experience of [his] life.”
Caroline Stanbury/Instagram

“There are two wives — the one last week and the wife this week. I don’t recognize her,” he said on their podcast.

“It was the worst experience of my life. I was crying. I was trying to look for her and find my wife,” Carrallo went on.

“Mentally and emotionally, I’ve been on the floor. No words can describe how much I’m suffering looking at my wife.”

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