Björk and Rosalía Battle for Nature in “Oral”


Icelandic musician Björk is known for her enchanting and world-building tunes alongside her knack for unique visuals. Now the singer is expanding her worldview with her latest track that enlists Spanish popstar, Rosalía.

Interestingly enough, Björk wrote and recorded the song at some point between 1997 and 2001. However, the track did not fit what the Icelandic artist was working on then. To update the track, Rosalía appears on the track and its accompanying music video alongside co-production from Sean Bodega. The song harbors Björk’s prowess for ethereal-leaning musicality and lyrics – comforted by lofts synths and floating vocals. However, the song also features ’90s dancehall-inspired syncopated rhythms.

“It’s totally that moment when you’ve met someone, and you don’t know if it’s friendship or something more. So you become, I guess, aroused. And you become very aware of your lips. That’s maybe why I called the song “Oral.” You don’t know what the consequences are if you act. Sometimes fantasy can be amazing, and that’s enough; you don’t have to also do things. […] And even though I obviously didn’t write this song for salmons, I like the fact that it’s a happy song,” said Björk about the song’s meaning.

Additionally, Björk and Rosalía are donating the song’s revenue to the AEGIS non-profit organization that focuses on combating open pen fish farming in Iceland.

Take a listen to the track above.

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