‘A–hole’ Jack Antonoff slammed for ‘rude’ interview with comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg

Jack Antonoff is facing backlash for being “rude” to comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg during an interview at the 2023 GQ Man of the Year Awards.

Dimoldenberg, who is known for her dry sense of humor and admittedly awkward interview style, caught up with the Grammy winner on the red carpet Thursday night — yet things seemed a bit off from the start.

When Dimoldenberg told Antonoff it was “nice to meet” him, he said nothing while scanning over the crowd in front of them.

Things then took a turn for the worse when she asked if the musician’s glasses were “real.”

“Of course they are real,” he quipped back. “That’s extremely f—king offensive.”

The apparent tension started after the comedian asked If the musician’s glasses were fake.
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While the “Chicken Shop Date” host joked that his oversized frames looked “a bit fake,” the Bleachers singer was seemingly offended by the remark.

“That’s like asking, ‘Are you a piece of s–t? Are you a piece of shit?’” the 39-year-old replied.

Dimoldenberg, 29, played along and agreed that “people who wear fake glasses are the worst” — before changing the subject.

Once the short interview came to an end, the two awkwardly went their separate ways.

“Get out of here,” the British beauty joked. “You want me to be rude? I don’t want to see you again.”

Antonoff said that was equivalent to her asking if he was a “piece of s—t.”
However, the “Chicken Shop Date” host was quick to change topics.

While the video was posted to British GQ’s TikTok, they quickly removed it after fans started to question the “Rollercoaster” singer’s demeanor.

“This is astonishingly bad, like worse than I could’ve imagined,” one person wrote on Reddit, where the video was reposted. “I’ve worn glasses for just about my whole life, and I can’t understand being genuinely offended if someone asked if they were fake lol.”

“I have literally no idea who this dude is, but wow. What an a—hole. She dealt with him so well,” another added.

“Holy s—t. All she did was make a joke about glasses and he was a complete jacka— to her and calling her a piece of s—t or something,” a third wrote. “Amelia handled it very well.”

Social media users called the interview “astonishingly bad” and “uncomfortable.”

“I almost had to turn it off, it was so uncomfortable,” chimed in a fourth.

However, other people online noted that “the point of [Amelia’s] interviews is that they’re awkward” — and Antonoff was likely just trying to “play along.”

“I feel like he’s joking and leaning into her bit but poorly and way too aggressively 😭,” one person wrote.

“100% he’s trying to do a bit with her,” another agreed. “I’m surprised so many people here don’t realize that! That said, he took it way too far and it flopped HARD.”

Yet others suggested the singer was just joking around with Dimoldenberg, whose whole shtick is doing awkward interviews.

“this seems playful, I know her work and it seems impossible that he doesn’t as well,” someone else noted.

“In most of the recent interviews I’ve seen with Amelia, the celebs are playing along with her by insulting her, flirting with her, or generally being weird,” a fourth pointed out. “He just wasn’t charismatic enough to pull it off very well.”

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Despite the initial post receiving a negative reaction, British GQ posted a separate clipfrom the interview hours later, showing a much less awkward interaction between the two.

While the video in question was taken down, GQ posted a different video between the two in which they seemed to get along great.
Getty Images for The Recording Academy

In the new video, Antonoff happily greeted Dimoldenberg, asking her how her night was and making small talk about the traffic.

After discussing which “dead” musical artist Antonoff would like to produce for, the “Margaret” singer ended the interview by telling the comedian he “loves her show.”

“I thought you would be much more rude!” he joked with a laugh, which was what seemingly prompted Dimoldenburg’s awkward farewell in the now-deleted clip.

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