When you care enough to say, “F* You!”

Sometimes we need help from our creative musical friends for new and exciting ways to tell the world, “FUCK YOU!!!” Ahhhhhh. Much better now.

What a week.  What a year.  What the F#@!  Sometimes we need help from our creative musical friends for new and exciting ways to tell the world, “FUCK YOU!!!”  Ahhhhhh.  Much better now.  Moving right along, GossipWhores this is one of our most diverse lists yet because – you guessed it – the F*Bomb is universal.   So, we’ll ease into this Grinchy list, nice and sweetly with one of our all-time favorite people – Lily Allen.  Easily the sweetest sounding of the bunch but with razor sharp wit!  She is recently married and designing dildos.  More on that later. 

Punk rock icons dominate the list starting with New Jersey’s own Bouncing Souls with the (east coast) crowd favorite – “East Coast, Fuck You!”.  Little insight into the insanity.   When we tell people, “See ya!”, we’re really thinking “See You Later Fuck Face”, from the Queers.   

Cee Lo Green could sing the ingredients off a bag of Doritos and win a Grammy!  You know his classic is on this list.   We love the sound of hate, hate, hate with an R&B swing.  Enough of all that lovey dovey crap!  It’s been done to death… Moving right along, Bebe Rexha.   We love you!  One of the most stunning humans on the planet -she delivers on this hit with G-Eazy.   Today is Fuck Fake Friends Friday #FFFF !!!   

Wheeler Walker wins the “You KNOW He Means That Shit” Award.  This mother-F*er is SERIOUS!  So, we lighten the mood with Halsey and her gorgeous voice being Cheeky with a Bieber song!   

Bonus for the weekend!  Learn a new Irish drinking song and impress all your goofy coworkers on the next Zoom Happy Hour!  If HR can’t get down with “F*You I’m Irish, then F* THEM!!!

The newest release on the List comes from Jackboy & Rylo Rodriguez with “Fuck You – Pay Me!”  Tight.  Also, sounds like our landlord…. moving right along… 

Glorious punk in all its purity and rage comes.  Let it wash over you.  Think of all the ammo we’re giving you to use while you watch your favorite news outlet.  You’re learning so much!   

Just to show we care – one more special bonus!  Yeah, it’s Biggie, baby!!!  We know, we know wrong theme!  blah, blah, blah So what!?  Hope someone’s “♬♬ F*ing You toniiiiiiight ♬♬”   Peace!  

HEre’s the Full Playlist!

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