Tiger Woods slams ‘jilted ex-girlfriend’ Erica Herman in legal battle

Tiger Woods is slamming Erica Herman as nothing more than a “jilted ex-girlfriend” in their ongoing legal battle to nullify an NDA over a sexual assault clause.

In court documents filed Monday morning and obtained by Page Six, the famed golfer claimed Herman had no right to invoke the federal Speak Out Act because he never committed any sexual wrongdoing.

Woods points out that in the $30 million lawsuit Herman filed, in which she claims the athlete kicked her out of his home and broke an “oral tenancy agreement” they allegedly had in place, she checked the box for “NO” when asked “does this case involve allegations of sexual abuse.”

tiger woods
Tiger Woods has blasted Erica Herman as a “jilted ex-girlfriend” amid their legal battle.

The “Tiger” documentary subject alleges Herman, 39, is using the federal law in order to have her arguments heard in a public court instead of private arbitration as the NDA required.

“Ms. Herman’s position is utterly meritless,” Woods states in the documents. “It is a transparent abuse of the judicial process that undermines the purpose of the federal statute and those whom the statute seeks to protect.” Herman also has never publicly accused her ex-beau of sexual assault.

Woods, 47, is requesting the Florida court to force Herman, whom he dated for six years, to abide by the NDA’s arbitration provisions. He also notes in the documents that he provided Herman with “lodging and financial support” after the Oct. 13, 2022 breakup.

erica herman
Herman is suing the pro golfer for $30 million and wants to have her NDA nullified.

In Herman’s lawsuit, the former general manager of his restaurant claimed Woods and his agents unlawfully locked her out of their shared Florida home after claiming he was surprising her with a short vacation.

erica herman and tiger woods kissing
The now-former couple dated for six years.
erica herman kissing tiger woods on the cheek
The former restaurant manager is attempting to use a sexual assault claim to overturn the NDA, though Woods has denied any wrongdoing.

“They then informed her she was not allowed to return to her residence,” the initial documents state before further claiming Herman was confronted by attorneys who attempted to “resolve the wrongdoing they were in the midst of committing.”

A few weeks after the October 2022 filing, Woods responded with a request to dismiss the lawsuit.

The troubled athlete’s attorneys claimed in the November 2022 petition that Herman is not a “tenant” according to the Residential Landlord Tenant Act.

Neither Herman’s attorney nor Woods’ immediately returned Page Six’s requests for comment on the latest filing.

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