Malbon Golf Explores Western Workwear for FW23

“That Dog’ll Hunt” is a phrase repeated throughout on Malbon Golf‘s FW23 wares, a reference to a song by country artist Walker Hayes. The direction may be surprising if you associate the brand with urban dwellers more comfortable on skateboards than saddles, but Stephen Malbon insists he grew up riding horses in Carmel Valley, California. And with fall approaching and people busy planning their nature excursions, there are plenty of pieces here that will keep you fortified from the elements whether you’re riding on horseback or a golf cart.

Titled “Home on the Range,” the collection is characterized by workwear silhouettes, western design elements and earthy tones. There are quite a few pieces to peruse, 70 in fact, but the Rawlins Padded Vest is one of our favorites. It’s constructed of cotton canvas, a signature fabric of western wear, and features a ribbed collar, padding around the shoulders and contrast pockets. It’s perfect for throwing on over a hoodie, or rock it sleeveless cowboy style.

Next up, we have the Cheyenne Nylon Parka, a piece that one can easily envision paired with denim for an off-course look, or with wide leg trousers to unleash a venomous tee shot. The last item to shout out is the Platte Striped Knit, a behemoth of a sweater with a base of red and repeating blue and yellow stripes. The Americana design of the Malbon Guaranteed Products label is a nice touch on the left hip.

Pricing for the collection ranges between $34 and $240 USD, and all the items can be shopped on Malbon’s website now.

Elsewhere in golf, MANORS unveiled its FW23 range of lifestyle performance wear.

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