Maitland Ward: ‘Hollywood likes to pretend it’s squeaky clean’

Porn star Maitland Ward says Hollywood has a dark underbelly.

“They always like to pretend like they’re squeaky clean,” the former Disney turned adult-film star tells Page Six. “But it’s like, actually, no.”

“Especially these Disney shows, that are so family friendly and upstanding and they try to pretend like that they are something else than (what) they are,” she adds.

In her recently published memoir, “Rated X,” the former “Boy Meets World” star claimed she was asked to try on lingerie for producers in the office.

“This happened more than once, as Rachel was the only character to consistently take off her clothes,” she alleged in the book. “An assistant would gather me from my dressing room and take me upstairs where I’d be provided with a series of options, some playful and girlish, some so provocative I knew that Disney would never approve them, but still I would try them on.”

Maitland Ward.
Maitland Ward has given up mainstream Hollywood for a career in porn.
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Ward further alleged she was forced to change behind a curtain so thin, “I’m sure they could see the silhouette of my naked form.”

When she stepped out, the group of mostly men would pass judgment on whether the outfits “showed too much or not nearly enough to get the boys [watching the series] excited.”

She even claimed one producer allegedly saying with an embarrassed guffaw, “You’re like a daughter to me,” before she was directed to try on another outfit.


Ward starred on “Boy Meets World” from 1998 to 2000.

Disney General Entertainment Con


Ward starred on “Boy Meets World” from 1998 to 2000.

Disney General Entertainment Con

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These days, the actress, 45, sounds slightly amazed at her career trajectory.

“You would (not) think a Disney star when she was young would become a top porn star,” she tells us. “Not just making a sex tape or something, you know? Like an actual, substantial, award-winning porn star, making more money and (who) has more credibility and respect that she did when she was young.”

The former “Bold and the Beautiful” star recalls being “discarded a lot by Hollywood.”

Maitland Ward with copy of her "Rated X" book.
Ward details her path to porn in her recently released memoir.
Getty Images

The “Lesbian Superstars” performer further explains that, in her memoir, she wanted to highlight the positive side of the porn industry.

“There’s so much negativity and stereotypes out there that are not true and a lot of stereotypes against performers that are not true,” she says. “And so I wanted to really shine a light on the good that the industry does and how being sex-positive has liberated me.”

Maitland Ward.
Ward has won awards for doing porn.
Getty Images

She describes feeling “angry” when “people try to portray porn like it’s such a terrible place where everybody is on drugs and there’s just like, you know, drunken orgies going on and nobody cares,” adding that porn sets run in “very much the same” way as a normal studio set.

“In Hollywood, I think the more that they try to cover up stuff, the more it’s skeezy underneath,” she concludes.

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