Lola Brooke Fires Off New Confident Cut “So DISRESPECTFUL”

There’s a special magic that rests in New York City when it comes to procuring talented rappers. Lola Brooke is one of the newest stars on the scene and with her caliber of recent hits, she’s here to stay. The Brooklyn-raised artist has now released a bold new cut “So DISRESPECTFUL.”

What enchants about Brooke’s new single is the quintessential powerful yet confident sound that resides in New York rap. With elements of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim, Brooke brings that robust tone and flow into the modern day – connecting with a new generation while simultaneously honoring rap roots. “I tried to tell these b*tches, cheatin’ n*ggas don’t look good/Come on now, you know a b*tch always look good/I need a G6, driving with Next 6/The frank stand 24, go catch d*ck,” Brooke begins in verse one.

In the music video, Brooke is scene cycling through shots running the streets in NYC to hammering out the verses with a crew of men dressed in black behind her. If anything, the new cut cements Brooke’s enticingly confident and quintessentially New York sound.

Check out “So DISRESPECTFUL” in the music video above.

In related news, Gangsta Boo’s posthumous album reportedly features Latto, Skepta and more. 

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