Goods & Services Crafts Upcycled Cross-Body Bags from Leftover NikeCraft Mars Yard Overshoe Uppers

The cobblers, shoemakers and upcyclers extraordinaire at Los Angeles-based Goods & Services have dropped their latest in-house project: a cross-body bag made from the shroud of Tom Sachs and Nike’s co-created NikeCraft Mars Yard Overshoe. When the Mars Yard Overshoe first dropped in 2019, enterprising customizers and sneakerheads who wanted a more standard Mars Yard look often chopped the waterproof Dyneema shroud off to reveal the sneaker underneath. Goods & Services performed several of these sneaker surgeries for Mars Yard Overshoe owners who preferred a professional alteration, and the once-forgotten uppers now get a chance to take on a whole new life.

Dyneema is an incredibly lightweight and durable material — it’s twice as strong as Kevlar and half the weight — and this version of it is also waterproof, making for the perfect bag material. Goods & Services left the upper’s signature buckles intact but added toggles plus magnetic snaps so they could be closed, while also stringing an adjustable nylon strap through the aforementioned buckles. Sizing-wise, it’s 5.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches high. The bag marks Goods & Services’ first in-house design project since last October’s made-to-order shoe program, which offered sneakers built of upcycled military garments.

The custom bag is available now via Goods & Services’ webstore and is priced at $300 USD.

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