Captain Lee reacts to rumors that ‘devastated’ pal Carl Radke cheated on Lindsay Hubbard

Captain Lee Rosbach is scoffing at the idea that his “buddy” Carl Radke might’ve cheated on his ex-fiancée, Lindsay Hubbard.

The “Below Deck” alum — whom Radke previously teased would officiate his since-canceled November nuptials with Hubbard — discretely shut down speculation that his pal had an affair, letting out a “pffft” at the mere mention of it.

Rosbach’s “Salty with Captain Lee” podcast co-host Sam DeCavalcanti led the conversation about the “Summer House” co-stars’ shocking breakup during Wednesday’s episode, while its namesake host proceeded with caution.

“Carl and I have had a conversation about this, and I’m not at liberty to discuss any of that conversation, but he is as devastated as anybody I’ve ever seen,” Rosbach, 73, explained.

“It was gonna be a very high-profile wedding. It was gonna be broadcast on Bravo. Is there a graceful way out of something like that? You’re under a microscope — everything that you do.”

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard
“Pffft,” he let out at the mere mention of it.

Though the retired yacht captain said he could “not shed any light” on the reason Radke and Hubbard parted ways, he did deny that she was pregnant.

Rosbach also clarified that that rumor was about “the person that [Radke] was alleged to have had an affair with.”

“We’re buddies,” the former Bravolebrity said of his knowledge of the intricacies of the split. “And Lindsay and I are close friends.”

Captain Lee Rosbach
Though the “Below Deck” alum said he could “not shed any light” on the reason for the split, he did deny that Hubbard was pregnant.
Laurent Bassett/Bravo via Getty Images

Other gossip going around is that Radke’s “mom got involved,” to which Rosbach responded, “I can see how that would happen.”

He went on to address hearsay that it was too late for guests to cancel their accommodations at the all-inclusive hotel in Mexico where the destination wedding was set to take place.

“I received an email from Carl and Lindsay today saying you have until like the 13th [to] cancel your rooms [with a] full refund,” Rosbach said without clarifying which month.

Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard
Rosbach also clarified that that rumor was about “the person that [Radke] was alleged to have had an affair with.”

“Is it an ideal situation? Hell no. But to sit there and say that Carl and Lindsay stuck everybody with the tab for going to their wedding is not true.”

He also slammed “the people that love the anonymity of a keyboard and have no moral compass whatsoever,” arguing that whatever is going on between the former couple is “none of our goddamn business.”

“They need some time and space to work out what they need to work out between them,” Rosbach said, adding that he “wish[es] them both the very best.”

Captain Lee Rosbach
Radke previously teased that Rosbach would officiate his since-canceled November nuptials with Hubbard.
GC Images

Still, he reiterated that “Carl’s a dear friend” and made sure to note that he would “be there for him no matter what.”

“So for everybody out there that thinks it’s a one-sided thing or they know everything there is to know about it,” Rosbach went on, “the only two people that know what’s going on are Carl and Lindsay, and if they’re not talking, let ’em be.”

For more Page Six reality TV update

Page Six confirmed last month that Radke had called off the engagement, wedding and relationship.

Though neither he nor Hubbard have addressed their breakup publicly, People obtained a note the salesman, 38, had sent to their guests in which he apologized on behalf of the twosome “for the confusion and lack of communication.”

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke
The “Summer House” co-stars called off their engagement and broke up last month.

“The fact of the matter is Lindsay is devastated and I’m crushed with how all this transpired,” Radke explained in the message.

However, a source close to Hubbard, 37, later told Page Six that the self-employed publicist “did not approve of Carl’s letter before it was made public, so there is no ‘we.’”

Radke proposed to Hubbard on camera in August 2022.

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