‘Bachelor’ alum Clayton Echard’s ex-fling pregnant, demands he take paternity test

An expectant mother who believes “Bachelor” alum Clayton Echard is the father is demanding he take a paternity test.

The 33-year-old podcast host from Scottsdale, Ariz. — who wishes to remain anonymous — claimed in a paternity lawsuit filed last month, which was first obtained by the US Sun on Monday, that she “engaged in sexual activity” with the 30-year-old reality star on May 20.

The woman claimed she is due to give birth to twins in February and recently filed a motion to seal the case, which has yet to be granted by the court.

The suit also outlined her requested parenting plan should Echard be the father of her unborn babies.

Page Six has obtained and reviewed all the documents in the case, as well as photos taken at the end of July showing the woman’s bulging belly.

Clayton Echard
The woman believes the “Bachelor” alum is the father of her unborn twins, who are due in February.
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According to the woman — who claimed in court papers she “hadn’t been with anyone since March of 2022” — the alleged one-night stand resulted in her becoming pregnant with twins.

The woman claimed she took two at-home pregnancy tests shortly after that came back positive. She then went to an urgent care facility on June 1 to confirm the pregnancy. She said she immediately sent a copy of the urgent care test results, which were included with her court documents, to Echard.

The woman claimed the former “Bachelorette” contestant did not believe she was pregnant and began sending her “erratic, illogical and threatening messages,” screenshots of which she filed in court. The messages included comments like, “I don’t believe you for a second,” “I legitimately hate you right now,” “You have lost your mind and I hope YOU think about how terrible this is that you would subject me to this” and “My personal hell would be having to have you be a part of my life.”

Clayton Echard
She claimed in her paternity lawsuit that he forced her to take a pregnancy test in his presence, and it came back positive.

She claimed in the court filings that he insisted the two engaged only in oral sex.

Another one of Echard’s alleged messages to her read, “I would like for you to get an abortion (if you are pregnant with my child, which I still don’t believe, but it doesn’t really matter either way). If you do not, that’s your choice. Then, in that case, if it ends up being my child, I have decided that either you’ll take 100% custody of the child, or it will be put up for adoption. I will not be raising it in any capacity.”

The woman claimed Echard invited her over to his apartment on June 17 and presented her with an at-home pregnancy test he had purchased himself. He allegedly asked her to urinate on it in his presence, and the test came back positive.

Clayton Echard
Echard allegedly insisted that the two engaged only in oral sex.
ABC via Getty Images

The following day, Echard allegedly sent the woman a message that read, “I wanted you to come over to confirm what I was doubting. And you did confirm that. So, I don’t see you as a liar anymore.”

The woman claimed Echard then went through “periods of silence and him blocking [her phone number] to demand alternative forms of proof of pregnancy beyond the medical report [she] had provided him.”

He also allegedly accused her of “taking fertility drugs or weight loss pills that altered the results” and even suggested her “anti-epileptic meds made [her] test positive.”

Clayton Echard
The woman allegedly “offered more than 50 times in writing” for Echard to take a paternity test at the location of his choosing.
ABC via Getty Images

She claimed in the lawsuit that she “offered more than 50 times in writing” — mostly via email — for Echard to take a prenatal paternity test at the location of his choosing.

At one point, they both had a test scheduled for Aug. 23, with receipts showing that the woman had paid the $725 deposit.

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However, she alleged that Echard ultimately “refused,” so she was forced to cancel the appointment.

We can confirm that he has since agreed to take a paternity test at that same location on Sept. 26, two days before both parties are due in court for an early resolution conference.

Clayton Echard
“I have decided that either you’ll take 100% custody of the child, or it will be put up for adoption. I will not be raising it in any capacity,” he allegedly told her.

Echard tells a different story, claiming in his response to her suit that he’s the one who has repeatedly requested a paternity test paid in full by the woman, even though he believes the case is “groundless and lacking in merit” because they “never had sexual intercourse.”

Echard told the Sun that he plans to sue the woman, whom he believes is “harassing” him because she is “obsessed” with trying to date him.

He had no further comment when contacted by Page Six.

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