Awake NY Aids Those Affected by the Bronx Fire With a Collaborative Benefit Tee

Awake NY has tapped a barrage of industry brands and entities to collaborate on a benefit T-shirt in which the proceeds will go towards a nonprofit organization that is currently aiding those affected by the recent apartment fire in The Bronx.

At approximately 10:54 a.m. ET on January 9, 2022, a horrific fire — started by a malfunctioning space heater — set the 19-story Twin Parks North West building ablaze and tragically took the lives of 17 victims and caused dozens of others to be injured and hospitalized. In response to this tragic event, Awake NY and marketing agency No Company is playing its part to aid its local community by linking up with Union, Fear of God, Scarr’s Pizza, Just Don, Hot 97, Denim Tears, Shaniqwa Jarvis and more on a fresh tee that features Bronx-inspired graffiti artwork from Shirt King Phade on the front. On the backside you’ll find the logos of every participant that contributed to the charitable project.

If you’re interested in purchasing, Awake NY has released the tees for a pre-order that will be open until 12 a.m. ET on Monday for $60 USD. 100% of the proceeds will be sent to Until Freedom, an org that is currently working to assist the survivors and underserved community of The Bronx with food and essential items.

For other news, Stüssy and NOMA t.d. have linked up for a classic denim suits collection.

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